After reading this guide, the preparation of dry beans will have no more secrets for you! Without further ADO, we tell you everything on these legumes.

Beans to all sauces!

There are many types of dry beans, so don’t hesitate to vary. To cook the traditional stew, use white beans like Tarbais beans. And to add color to your dishes, simply Cook the beans red, black or pink cocos. Meanwhile azuki beans are used mainly for desserts as more sweet. What make you happy at all times!

Différentes sortes de haricots
Trempage des haricots secs

Dipping… not required passage

Long dry beans to prepare? Not so much! Forget this idea received th
anks to the tips and tricks that will save you time!

Of course, he must soak dry beans before cooking. The standard is 12 hours in 3 times their volume of water. But what happens if we planned to make a dish of beans for dinner, but that you forgot to soak? Thankfully, there is a quick solution! Just simply to put beans in three times their volume of water, and boil for 2 minutes. Then remove from heat and let soak 1 hour (only!).


After this soaking in record time, you throw the cooking water and cook the beans as directed on the package. In general 1:30 or 40 minutes in the pressure cooker. This time varies according to the kinds of beans so feel free to taste until you reach the desired consistency.

Cuisson des haricots secs
Astuces sur les haricots secs


  • Never salt the beans at the beginning of cooking, otherwise they will be hard.
  • Do not cook the beans in the soaking water.
  • A pinch of baking soda will speed up the cooking of your beans.

Need recipe ideas?

You can make dishes simmered as a Tagine of beans ligots coriander, salads that announce the spring or more surprising still desserts to believe this delicious pie Apple / black beans and cream of lime.