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Welcome to the “Lundi veggie” (veggie monday) community.

The number of vegetarians in France has reached 1 million, and the national meat consumption decreased by 15% between 2003 and 2011. Moreover, « 27% of meat eaters claim they would be willing to embrace vegetarianism, or at least flexitarianism. » Source: « Opinion Ways » survey, 2012

An increasing number of people is now willing to reduce its meat consumption by adopting a flexitarian or vegetarian diet. The word “flex” is derived from the root word “flexible”.

Therefore, this diet is anything but restrictive. We aim to raise awareness of the fact that meat has become too important in our daily lives and that its overconsumption has alarming consequences, both on the environment and our health.

Before arriving in France, the Veggie trend had already conquered Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States!

One of the immediate and long-term solutions consists in replacing animal protein with plant protein, which is found in abundance in pulses and cereals.

For that matter, we suggest you start the “Lundi Veggie” challenge by consuming vegetarian proteins one day a week (e.g. Monday). After overindulging over the weekend, give your body this much needed fresh start.

This is a great opportunity for you to diversify your diet by adding new ingredients, or ingredients you would never have thought of!

To guide you the best we can, you’ll find on this blog veggie recipes that will help you compose your veggie menus.

Join us in this new adventure!

Share with us your veggie tips and tricks, recipes and experience!


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