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The main purpose of the blog “Lundi Veggie” is to exchange about vegetarian recipes and lifestyle. We encourage you to participate by submitting your own recipes and your constructive comments, point of view, further informations, suggestions or questions. Although we want to provide reliable content, we do not guarantee that the blog is free of errors and omissions.
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1) Prohibited messages and behaviors

In General, all comments contrary to humanistic values and mutual respect will not be published.

  • Apology for crimes against humanity, the incentives to discrimination, hate or violence.
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  • The personal attacks, the damage to the honour, reputation or privacy of others (including the comments stating that private information – address, Tel No. etc.).
  • The accusations without evidence, distortion of facts, lies, but also any attempt of polemics extremist or excessively partisan, propaganda (direct or indirect), as well as any form of proselytizing and dogmatism.

No promotion.

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Any comment in the above list will not be published. The author of these remarks will not be notified.

2) Take care of your comment form and be constructive

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Comments in the above list may not be published. Wherever possible the moderator may warn the author of the commentary on the reason of non-publication.


  • By posting a comment, you agree that the editor of this blog makes in use for free, without limitation of date, nor support.
  • We may need to change the wording of part of the commentary (style, spelling, publication of only part of the comment), but we will of course not to truncate the meaning.
  • The non-vegetarian recipes will not be accepted (here “non-vegetarian” mean recipes containing meat, fish or shellfish). The recipes containing eggs or milk and its derivatives are accepted.


Thank you for your understanding.