The “raw foodism” : don’t take it literally. If you are imaginating some plain grated carrots for each meal, do not run away immediately!


This tendency began mainly in the USA, but it has also conquered by many European countries. Eating “raw” means choosing unprocessed, few refined and uncooked food. You will mostly eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably organic (naturally), but also oleaginous fruit and seed and sprouted seeds.

This is not a diet, more a state of mind associated with a new consuming method. Although it may seem difficult to apply on a daily basis, you can try to add a few”raw” in your every day meal to better take advantage of the vitamins and enzyme, non-degraded by cooking process.

Why raw?

The vitamins and enzymes are essential for the proper functioning of our digestive system. But they are sensitive to heat: beyond 118 °F (47.8 °C) they are destroyed. Therefore the work we request from our digestive system (the pancreas, in particular) is much more important, which weakens us. Modern humans is however accustomed to this cooked food and this discomfort is not identified as abnormal. This is why the raw foodist say that they feel a real resurgence of vitality and well-being through this diet. In addition, they say that they truly rediscovered the flavors of food within a few weeks, such a natural refreshing purge for the taste buds.

In addition, the raw foodism is seen by some as an anti-cancer diet. Of course, it can’t heal or cure, however it is proved that some components with natural anticarcinogenic properties, which can play a role in overall prevention, are destroyed during cooking process and so, eat “raw” allows to preserve them.

Bland and repetitive meals?

We all agree that mixed salads composed or fruit salad in summer are full of benefits and vitamins.

Raw food is really appreciable only if you explore all the possibilities, cause salads and smoothies will not satisfy you forever. There are many recipes offering a wide range of tastes and amazing textures which will let you rediscover the pleasures of a traditional diet, without the cooking step. For example, you can make pizza, spaghetti (of vegetables) or gourmet cookies that will be certainly different from those you are used to, but full of flavor. You have no limits!

The proof:

Complicated to put in pratice?

For the best of the raw foodinsm, you can use new tools to create great dishes. Blender, spiralizer… dehydrator, which is used to heat dishes keeping them at 104°F (40°C), temperature beyond which the majority of the enzymes and vitamins are destroyed. Because Yes, eating raw doesn’t necessarily mean eating cold! Food should be served very few processed; for example, they can be dried, pickled, fermented or even heated at very low temperatures (less than 104°F so).

In conclusion, raw foodism can be difficult to implement on a daily basis. But from time to time, a funny raw meal to discover a new way of consumption or just simply choose more often a raw starter in a usual meal to take advantage of vitamins: say yes!

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