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Welcome in the Lundi Veggie community !

An increasing number of people is now willing to reduce its meat consumption by adopting a flexitarian or vegetarian diet. The animal proteins from meat are replaced by plant proteins from pulses or cereals for example.

Through this blog we invite you to challenge yourself one day a week (monday for example) to delete meat from your menu.

To help you, you can find here delicious recipes 100% veggie… but also 100% gourmet !

Flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, join the community to share your best recipes, your experience and your veggie trips and tricks !

Lastest recipes

Apple pie with black kidney beans and lime cream

Makes: 2 servings | Duration: more than 45 minutes | Difficulty: complex


Poêlée of french beans, quinoa, bulgur and tomatoes

Makes: 4 servings | Duration: 15-30 minutes | Difficulty: easy


Cold soup of pearl barley cucumber water

Makes: 2 servings | Duration: more than 45 minutes | Difficulty: a bit complex


Buddha veggie bowl

Makes: 2 servings | Duration: 15-30 minutes | Difficulty: easy


Fresh summer avocado slice

Makes: 2 servings | Duration: less than 15 minutes | Difficulty: very easy


Lastest news

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2016 is the International Year of Pulses!

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