A vegan holiday meal, this is not always easy. How to replace the foie gras, make an original aperitif? We will give you all the tips and tricks to cook a festive vegan meals! The cocktail through the entrance, the dish and dessert, we make sparkle your taste buds.

1 – To start the mealChristmas aperitif veggie

It is possible to easily and quickly spreads to base of legumes and nuts which delight the taste buds of your guests for an aperitif. Remember to serve spreads of Mogette of Vendée coconut cashews, dried tomatoes and pepper on gingerbread drops or three onions or nuts to give them a more festive! And to original food appetizers, try the salty ‘ in puree of red lentils and mushrooms, soy chantilly.

Veloute de lentilles vertes et sa quenelle de cèpes

2 – Blow them away with legumes

Nothing like a good smooth for an entry worthy of the name! And the latter to be original, make it based on legumes! So test the Velouté of green lentils of Puy and its quenelle of CEPS and for a touch of color and exoticism, opt for the soup of lentils, carrots, curry and coconut milk.

3 – Use the fruits and vegetables of the season

To make tasty dishes, use fruits and vegetables of the season. Potimarrons sweet potatoes, carrots and chestnuts will allow you to achieve a nice dishes for your dinner party. Then try our recipe for stuffed Morels, potatoes soft and grapefruit!

Morilles farcies, patates douces et pamplemousse
Repas de Noël, remplacer les traditionnels

4 – Replace the traditional

Foie gras plant at base of tofu, seitan or chestnuts has the air of a true! It can be served on toast with a fig or onion confit.

And to replace the famous Christmas Turkey, opt for a nut roast accompanied by a risotto of quinoa to mushrooms or vegetables with quinoa dumplings.

5 – Give taste to your dishes

Use spices to wake up the taste of your dishes! Carrot and caraway were married in perfection while cinnamon will reveal all its aroma in sands of Christmas.

Epices, donnes du goût à vos plats
Réussir la bûche de Noël vegan

6 – Make the perfect log!

Easily make your Christmas logs to traditional and exotic perfumes vegan by replacing the eggs by natural substitutes. We give you all the tips for substitute eggs here!

And for a change of the traditional log, try the pie apples to black and cream of lemon green beans or vegan Orange muffins.