Makes: 4 servings

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Difficulty: easy

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For the puree of red lentils with mushrooms

For the chantilly cream

  • 1 brick of soy cream
  • 1/2 cc of agar
Croqu' in with puree of red lentils and porcini mushrooms, soy chantilly


1. Cook red lentils and mix.

2. Add to the mixture 4 cs of soy milk . Season and add a few laps of porcini mill according to your tastes.

3. Fill the croqu’in with the preparation. Bake a few minutes.

4. Take up the soy creme in whipped cream with 1/2 cc of agar.

5. At the exit of the oven, place whipped cream on the croqu’in. Give a few laps of Porcini mill . Serve hot.

Recipe by Sabarot

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