Back to school and you want to eat a gourmet and balanced meal without the fuss?
Opt for the
Veggie Bowl! Quick and easy, this "healthy" plate is made for you!

The Veggie Bowl, it's a marriage of textures, colours and flavours, all in a single dish.
To make your own recipe, bring you a plate digs, a bowl or a flat and a bit of imagination. Put then all the ingredients that make you feel like inside the bowl.

The Veggie Bowl to collect plant proteins (cereals, legumes, algae, seeds…), starches and vegetables, in the form of raw vegetables, for example.
Finally, make with a few well chosen toppings: nuts, spices, pickles…

Extra bonus: eat your bowl with a sauce, a chutney or a pesto coming tie it all and give more gluttony.

Did you know?

The Veggie Bowl can be eaten at any time of the day: breakfast, full meal or meals on the go. Here for you a first complete, colorful and tasty recipe! Click here.

Hot, cold, to taste Asian or provencal, Veggie Bowl is the trend of the season in which you must not resist!