Did you know that it is possible to dispense butter, milk, or eggs for the development of your favorite bakery? Inconceivable? See closer!

A consistent basis

If you like to “drink milk the day where the cows will eat grapes” as our friend Jean Gabin, this article is for you!

Indeed, more and more people are engaged in vegetarianism in all its forms and first think of quality before quantity.

However, for many the convinced the essential basis of a cake is obviously the fat.  It binds all of the preparation and enables to highlight all of the flavors.

So what are the alternatives?

Vegetable fat

When we like to eat your bread and butter with good fresh bread in the morning, it becomes hard to imagine cooking without adding it to your preparations. Butter has indeed this pretty power to make all pleasant to enjoy sauces. But it is not free of defects, especially for our health!

If you want to replace it, coconut oil could be a good alternative.

The benefits of coconut oil are multiple:Coconut oil

  • It offers a better cardiovascular health
  • It improves immune system
  • It is very rich in dietary fiber
  • It is full of nutrients, including iron, manganese and copper.

Cream lawyer

The avocado is also a good substitute for butter as well as cream. Native to Central America and South, it is naturally rich in fat. However, it is however recommended for a healthy diet.

Friends of eggs

Like the Martinique proverb “he who eats eggs does not know if the chicken has hurt the back!” If we cannot guess the feeling of the chickens in this regard, we can however offer two alternatives:

The chia seeds: are rich in protein and fiber. They give texture and thanks to their swelling in contact with water they can easily replace an egg.

seeds of chia

The aquafaba: is the name given to the liquid from chickpeas inside the cans. This juice contains a high power emulsifier which can replace egg whites during preparation of sweet recipes. This liquid is the result of a mix of starches, protein and other nutrients of the legume.


At your ovens!

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