In the aisles of the SIAL (International food show) in Paris,  natural foods which replace meat was very on-trend. 

From 16 to 20 October 2016, Paris welcomed the SIAL, world meeting of food innovation. More than 7,000 exhibitors from around the world presented their products will soon be on our plates.

This year, natural, raw, vegan, organic products and especially good for the health was very on-trend. Indeed, consumers prefer products like vegetable protein. But the pleasure should stay at the rendezvous!

seeds of chia and berries Goji

Among the presented products, seaweed were declined in all forms: tagliatelle, oils, salads, sauces, tartar and even in drinks. The “super-fruits” and “super-vegetables” were also put forward. In the plates of tomorrow, we will find especially the seeds of chia, goji berries or even kale and Chinese cabbage.

Boulettes-haricots-Rouges-POIs-chiches-lentilles-CorailAnother trend: the return of leguminous plant to replace meat. We thus find cereals and lentils steak or Zucchini balls. Quinoa is also very popular and now stands as a slice and Pan-fry sausages.

Plant innovation was therefore present in all forms, from drinks to pancakes through quinoa desserts. It only needs to eat!